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Aleksandra Petkova Gianeli Artist of Forever Love, Dreams, Soulmate.jpg

Petkova Gianeli

Artist of Dreams, Forever Love,

and Soulmate

Aleksandra is a Macedonian artist, with more than forty exhibitions all around the world. Graduated 2007 in the department of sculpture, handmade paper and graphic design. In her artistic works, she is using different artistic media like sculpture, painting, digital art, handmade paper...etc.

Alex Pet Eternal Love RESIZE.jpg
Alexa Artist of Damaged Heart.jpeg

Alexa Cantrell

Artist of Damaged Heart

I currently work as an assistant preschool teacher. I love spending time with my four cats, dog, and boyfriend. I started drawing when I was in high school. Drawing is my passion and it takes me to a place of

comfort and peace.

Alexa Cantrell Damaged Heart RESIZE.jpg
Allison P artist of Moonstruck moon mandalion.jpg

Allison Parten

Artist of Moonstruck

Digital graphic artist from Phoenix Arizona dba Elevens Graphics. Sagittarius artist, designer, gardener, ephemera collector and all-around happy camper.

Allison  Moonstruck REVISED.png
Amitava Artist of Pleasure, I_m Watching You.jpg

Amitava Dewan

Artist of Pleasure
and I’m Watching You

Amitava Pleasure RESIZE.jpg
Arupa Artist of Tamed, The One, Beauty _ Beast.jpg

Arupa Persaud

Artist of Beauty or Beast,

The One and Tamed

A 37-year-old self-taught artist who hadn't picked up a paintbrush in years! During the pandemic I was able to tap into these hidden skills once again and start a new journey through digital art. I find tremendous joy in expressing feelings and words through colours. For me, art is a translation of consciousness altered, it births new energy where the ego is forgone beyond the 3D. Art is a message, a vessel to awakening.

Arupa 2 Beast or Beauty RESIZE.jpg
Ana Gonzalez Artist of Reflection.jpg

Ana Paula Santos Gonsalves

Artist of Reflections

I'm a woman in solitude, 65 years old. I love the arts, spirituality, animals and nature.

Ana Gonsalves Relecting (2) RESIZE.jpg
Gina D Artist of The Pawn.jpeg

Gina Damasco

(aka Anastasia Beaverhousen)

Artist of The Pawn

Gina D Pawn RESIZE.png
BG Aysa Self Portrait Artist of Protection.png

Artist of Protection


I am a girl with big dreams and one day I will reach them. For anyone who is reading this, always follow your dreams. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Love yourself, trust yourself. This world is way better than what they show us. Live your life like you are the most important character in a Hollywood hit movie. With lots of love, Aysa

BG Aysa Protection RESIZE.jpg
Ramos Artist of Distance (3)_edited_edited.jpg

Christi Mahoney Ramos

Artist of Distance

Ramos (3) Distance RESIZE.jpg
Geraldine Artist of Yin Yang.JPG

Geraldine Best

Artist of Yin and Yang

My current preferred medium is Soft Pastels and Oils Pastels on dark paper. My style is of a symbolic, abstract or minimalist nature. I let my intuition guide me to see what develops on the paper, be it strong blocks of colour or everything blended by fingers. I am also beginning to experiment with Air Drying Clay and Acrylic paints. I’m excited to see where I’m guided to go. Blessings 

Geraldine Yin Yang Dark and Light RESIZE.jpg
blxck Artist of Wash Away Our Sins, Death, Toxic, Seaching for you.jpeg


 Artist of Death, Home, Toxic, Wash Away Our Sins, and Searching for You

blxck Death RESIZE.jpg
Irene Artist of Courage.jpg

Irene Carminati

Artist of Courage

My name is Irene Carminati aka Ticarmina. I am an Italian illustrator, based in Milan. I have been working as an illustrator and graphic designer for five years in Italy. My works are inspired by everything I love; music, books, and stories I find.

Irene Courage RESIZE (3).jpg
Jessica Cotten Artist of New Love, Hypnotize, Possession and Mirror.jpg

Jessica Cotton

Artist of Hypnotize, Mirror, New Love, and Possession

"I am thee, You are me 

Earth and sea, Animal and tree

All is we, One universally 

How could this be?


No silly, Literally 

Can't you see?

You already know me

No need for a biography"

Jessica C New Love RESIZE 5.jpg
Joanne H Artist of Bloom.jpeg

Joanne Decoulos-Hight

Artist of Bloom

Joanne Bloom RESIZE (2).jpg
K Gee Artist of Fetish.png

Kristin Gregg

Artist of Fetish

K Gee Fetish RESIZE (2).jpg

Leroy Shepard
(aka Super Rockin)

Artist of Dying Love

Your average pisces guy, empath, healer, artistic spiritualist out for a swim in the deep end of the pond.

LeRoy 2 Dying Love RESIZE.jpg
Lyndsey Artist of Dragonfly.JPG

Lindsey Cumming

Artist of Dragonfly

Lindsey Dragonfly RESIZE.png
Maryy McIntyre Artist of Doorway.jpg

Mary McIntyre
(aka Miss McSpanish)

Artist of Doorway

I am a Spanish teacher teaching kids from12-18 years old.

I am also setting up my own online tutoring business.

Mary McSpanish MacIntire Doorway RESIZE.jpg
001_LisaBrewer_210411_retouch_web (1).jpg

Lisa Bewer

Project Manager

Lightworker Coach & Mentor

Heart of Inspiration6.jpg
Maries Therese Artist of Regret, Save Me, Masquarde.jpg

Marie-Thérèse Docherty

Artist of Masquerade, Save Me, and Regret

Scottish artist living in Strasbourg France, specialising in painting, mixed media and spray painting. BA (Hons) in Printmaking. Duncan Of Jordanstone College of Art and Design; Dundee, Scotland.

Maries Therese Save Me RESIZE.jpg
Mary MacWilliam Artist of I Will May You.jpg

Mary MacWilliam

Artist of I Will Marry You

I have a love of all things creative be it painting, drawing, acting and writing. Indeed in my earlier days I would be found "treading the boards" in and around London. But now, with any spare time that I can muster, I can be found watercolour painting and just learning as I go, enjoying the process and freedom which I feel in front of my easel.

Mary The Bride I Will Marry You RESIZE.jpg
Moe Rocks Artist of Moonlight, Breakthough, Destruction.jpg

Maureen Rocksmoore
(aka Moe Rocksmoore)

Artist of Breakthrough, Destruction, and Shadows

Maureen Rocksmoore is an award winning Glasgow based oil painter, Arts Specialist in Education and Curator. She is widely known for her 'skyscapes' featuring the Moon and the Aurora Borealis. 'I am a Libran Sun with a Cancer Moon and I am fascinated by the natural world and the majesty and beauty within it.

Moe Shadows  RESIZE.jpg
Maria M Artist of Kiss and Secret Admirer.jpeg

Maria Meyer

Artist of Secret Admirer and The Kiss

I am the artist behind Artem Noctem. I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. I come from a small town far above the polar circle in the far north of Norway, called Tromsø. I have always been inspired by the raw, wild nature and all that is beautiful. I really hope you like my art.

Lots of love from Maria.

Maria Meyer The Kiss RESIZE.jpg
Melinda S Artist of Patinece and Phases (2).jpg

Melinda Santora

Artist of Patience and Phases

“I am a self-taught artist, a daydreamer and a lover of nature. I currently reside in the lovely city of Portland Oregon. I have always been fascinated by the different mythologies and archetypes that weave and spin throughout our everyday lives. Often my work consists of ideas that swirl around beauty, nature, love and play.”

Melinds S patience RESIZE.jpg
Selena Weinert.jpg

Selena Weinert

Graphic Design

I was born with the gift of being creative and I truly have opened my gift from day one. From doing graffiti in my younger days in The Bronx, New York to drawing on everything that had a blank space on it. Incorporating my creativity with computers, I became a graphic design
guru. Branding companies from the East to the West Coast with my clean design expertise.

SMW Creations
offers a host of creative services.

smwcreations logo-01.jpg
Simon Artist of Drowning and box art.jpg

Simon Mills

Artist of Drowning

“I create beautiful Art that helps in the healing process. After becoming a dominant hand amputee and having a Kundalini Awakening a few years later, I channel love and healing energies into my paintings for the beloved souls that need healing.”

Simone Drowning RESIZE.jpg
sylvia artist of surrenderjpg.jpg

Sylvie Eng

Artist of Surrender

Sylvia Surrender (2) RESIZE.jpg
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